What Is Med-Peds?

“Med-Peds” is the abbreviation for the combination of both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. A doctor who trained in Med-Peds studied adult and pediatric medicine.

Dr. Demery and Dr. Bilella both trained in this dual specialty. They are proud to be members of the second graduating class of the Med-Peds program from the University of South Florida.

After the comprehensive training, they became board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Ultimately, this provided a background to treat patients of all ages for a variety of medical issues.

After graduation, Dr. Demery and Dr. Bilella wanted to create a unique office that complimented their unique training. The doctors founded Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of Tampa Bay with the goal of treating patients of all ages. They care for newborns, children, and adults all within the same family.

Over time, the practice has expanded to include other specialties, but the objective has remained the same: to provide the best medical care for entire families in a more personalized way.

Meds Peds