Medical Records

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It is recommended that all new patients obtain copies of his/her medical records for review during your initial office visit with one of our medical providers. For your convenience, you may find on our website a HIPAA compliant medical release form for you to complete and sign should your prior physician require one.

Please note: some offices can take up to thirty days to release your medical records, therefore please begin the process today so you can bring your records with you at your appointment. In general one year’s worth of office visit notes, diagnostic/ laboratory findings and your complete immunization history will be sufficient. Your medical provider will let you know if additional records needed.

Leaving our practice?

If you are transferring out of our office, we will send a copy of the last 2 years of medical records to your new primary care physician as a courtesy. However, in order for us to prepare and send these records to your new primary care provider you will need to complete and sign a release of medical records form authorizing the disclosure of your protected medical records. We will release these records one time at no cost to you for continuity of care to your new primary care physician. Further disclosures will result in a pre-payment fee, per the Florida Statue: 64B8-10.003 Costs of Reproducing Medical Records. ($1.00 per page for the first 25 pages, then .25cent per page thereafter.) Postage and handling fees are additional.

Medical Rrecords