Well Adult Visits

At Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of Tampa Bay, we believe that an annual wellness exam is beneficial for every patient in our practice.  This is often referred to as an annual physical or preventative health care visit.  The purpose of this visit is to counsel on healthy lifestyle, focus on preventative care, and identify problems early to avoid the consequences of untreated diseases.  During this type of visit, the patient usually does not have any medical concerns to address.  This visit is also a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship between you and your primary care provider and touch base regarding health updates that may have occurred during the year.

The annual wellness exam is comprehensive and includes the following services:

We measure height, weight, and body mass index (BMI).  We counsel patients on proper nutrition and regular exercise to keep the body healthy and reduce the risk of obesity and associated health issues.

We asses vital signs, including blood pressure and pulse rate, and often perform an EKG to identify any early signs of heart disease.

We discuss healthy lifestyle habits and assist with smoking cessation and stress reduction techniques.

We review family history to identify any risk factors specific to each patient.

We order lab tests to screen for diabetes, high cholesterol, and anemia among other diseases.

We discuss age appropriate cancer screening.

We review preventative vaccines that are recommended.

Note that many insurances cover one annual preventative care visits per year.  We recommend that you check your insurance benefits to find out what your coverage is.  If your insurance does not cover wellness visits, we still recommend this service and offer a very reasonable self-pay rate.

Well Adult Visits