Refills / Referrals


Requests for prescription refills may be made by calling our office directly or making a request through the patient portal.  Alternatively, the pharmacy can electronically request a refill on behalf of the patient when needed.  We make every effort to address prescriptions refills as quickly as possible, but please allow 2 business days.  We prefer to do all of our prescriptions electronically for extra convenience when possible.  Finally, understand that in order to provide good care and monitor medical issues and medication, it is important to have a face to face appointment with your doctor.  If you have not been to see the doctor recently, an appointment may be required.  For most chronic issues, we suggest an appointment every three to six months.  Patients who have not been in our office in over a year will require an appointment to receive any additional refills.


There are some issues which require referral to a specialist.  We are happy to refer our patients out to local specialists when appropriate.  If you feel your child would benefit from referral to a specialist, please discuss this with us at an office visit.  We will not be able to provide referrals for new issues without discussing options with you at an office visit first.

Refills Referrals