At the Hospital

All of our pediatricians see newborns at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital. If you choose us to be your doctor, we will be happy to see you and your baby in the hospital. When you register, you will be asked who your pediatrician will be. Simply give the nurse your pediatrician’s name, and the hospital staff will notify us when your baby is born. One of our pediatricians will visit your baby once a day while he or she is in the hospital. We will address any early issues that arise, and be there to answer any questions you may have. We will help you set up your baby’s first office visit prior to being discharged from the hospital as well.

Unfortunately, we do not round on babies born at hospitals other than St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital. However, if your baby is born at another hospital, we are still happy to welcome your baby to our practice. Just call our office to set up an appointment before you go home.

At The Hospital